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Happy NOvember

We've all had times when we don't want to take on a responsibility or participate in an activity... but feel like we can't say no.

I get it. It's hard to say no when.....

"Yes" makes others happy.

"Yes" makes you feel helpful, generous, kind, and unselfish.

"Yes" might earn points for you to cash in later.

"Yes" calms the fear that no one else will step up to meet the need.

"Yes" means you don't have to explain or argue.

"Yes" means you don't have to figure out why you want to say "No"!

These are pretty good reasons to say yes if you choose to do so. But remember, your yes belongs to you alone. You can give your yesses to support the people, projects, and activities that are most important to you first, and if you still have more (more energy, time, money - whatever is being asked of you), then you might choose to stretch yourself and say yes to something that's a little outside your comfort zone.

Or not... it's your choice.

You can say no. You really can.

"No" protects you from over-extension and manipulation.

"No" respects you and all you have to offer.

"No" honors prior commitments and promises.

"No" enables others to grow and learn.

"No" teaches humility; you can't do it all!

"No" brings rest, focus, and renewed energy.

"No" frees you to say yes with joy.

“When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself.”

- Paulo Coelho

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